The Bees Are Waiting

The Bees Are Waiting

The Bees Are Waiting was chosen by Franz Wright for the Marick Press Poetry Prize, won the Eric Hoffer Award for Poetry and the First Horizon Award, and has been named a Must-Read by the Massachusetts Center for the Book.  It was finalist for the T.S. Eliot Prize, the May Swenson Poetry Award, and the Del Sol Poetry Prize, as well as semi-finalist for the Hudson Prize and the Crab Orchard Series in Poetry. It can be purchased online from Amazon, Marick Press, or ordered through your local bookseller.

I find that Karina Borowicz’s close studies of herself and others, of animals, of strange and familiar places, accomplished with her gentle penetrating gaze, direct our eyes toward something higher by actually moving the reader beyond the words.

—Franz Wright

These are poems that ask you to slow down and mull and ponder, to feel the light of the page shining through them. Things I particularly admire about the collection: the wonderful use of titles, the gnomic thought problems in the poems, the intelligence, the strong voice, the consistent style, the amazing images.

—Tony Barnstone

Karina Borowicz captures the unbearable pulse of despair and hope in the world as its people pass across it, scarcely aware.

—Jeff McMahon, Contrary Magazine


This book makes us receptive to its illuminations of the mysteries of Being, to the hardship of our human plight—and conversely to the renewal Borowicz offers through the beauty, music, and empathy of her art.

—Jason Tandon, AGNI Magazine