Curriculum Vitae


MFA in Creative Writing from the University of New Hampshire

BA in History and Russian from the University of Massachusetts, Magna Cum Laude


Academic Resource Specialist and Writing Mentor at Springfield College (2014-2019)

Visiting Writer:  Poetry workshop at the State University of NY, New Paltz (Fall 2014)

Poet in the Schools:  Creative writing instruction. Schools include Friends Academy in South Dartmouth and Community School in Amherst, MA (2013-2014)

Taught English as a Second Language at the Jones Library ESL Center/Amherst; Language Link/Moscow; the American English School/Vilnius; Jewish Child and Family Services; Catholic Social Services; and the University of Massachusetts (1986-2014)

Taught composition at the University of New Hampshire (2006-2008)

Led writing workshops at the University of Massachusetts Writing Center (1988-1990)


Proof (Codhill Press, 2014)

The Bees Are Waiting (Marick Press, 2012)

Forthcoming in 2020:

Rosetta (Ex Ophidia, October 2020)

Tomates de septembre: New and Selected Poems (Bilingual French-English, Cheyne Editions, November 2020)

Editing, Judging, and Manuscript Review

Judge for SUNY New Paltz’s Creative Writing Award in Poetry (2016)

Manuscript screener for the Perugia Press Book Prize (2013-Present)

Judge for Penn State Erie’s Sonnenberg Poetry Award (2013)

Intern Poetry Editor at The Paris Review (2006-2009)

Language editor at Russian Academy of Sciences Nauka/Interperiodica (1992)

Nonfiction Writing

Journalist at The Standard Times, New Bedford, MA (1997-1998)

Co-author of Getting Around, a handbook for recent immigrants (2002)

Readings and Speaking Engagements

Panelist and reader at the La Guagua Community Poetry Festival: Voices and Translations, Middlesex Community College (2017)

Panelist at the New Hampshire Poetry Festival on the theme Wild and Holy: Encountering the Sacred through Poetic Engagement with the Natural World (2016)

Amherst Arts Walk, Emily Dickinson Homestead, Amherst, MA (2015)

The Writer’s Center, Bethesda, MD (2015)

Featherstone Center for the Arts, Oak Bluffs, Martha’s Vineyard MA (2015)

Kleinert/James Center for the Arts, Woodstock, NY (2015)

Concord Public Library, Concord, MA (2015)

Visiting Writer, State University of New York, New Paltz (2014)

The Blacksmith House Poetry Series, Cambridge MA (2014)

Interview and reading on San Francisco Bay Area public radio station KKUP’s weekly poetry program, Out of Our Minds (2014)

Creative Writers Reading Series at Penn State Erie (2013)

Massachusetts Library Association Annual Conference, Boston (2013)

Collected Poets Series, Shelburne Falls, MA (2013)

Amherst Poetry Festival: Poetry from the Jones Library, Amherst MA (2013)

Wayland Public Library Reading Series, Wayland MA (2013)

AGNI Reading at Harvard’s Yenching Library, sponsored by the New England Poetry Club (2012)

Featured reader at University of New Hampshire’s AlumFest (2012)

RiverRun Bookstore, Portsmouth, NH (2009)

Portsmouth Public Library Reading Series, Portsmouth NH (2008)


For Proof: Winner of the 2013 Codhill Poetry Award; Finalist for the 2013 National Poetry Series and the 2012 Nightboat Press Poetry Prize; First Runner-Up for 2014 New England Book Festival; Semi-Finalist for the 2013 Akron Poetry Prize and the 2013 Felix Pollack Prize.

For The Bees Are Waiting: Winner of the 2011 Marick Press Poetry Prize, the 2014 Eric Hoffer Award, the 2014 First Horizon Award; Named a 2013 Must-Read by the Massachusetts Center for the Book; Finalist for the 2011 T.S. Eliot Prize, the 2011 May Swenson Poetry Award, and the Del Sol Press 2010 Poetry Prize; Semi-Finalist for the 2010 Hudson Prize and the 2011 Crab Orchard Series in Poetry.

2014 Emerging Writer Fellowship from The Writer’s Center, Bethesda MD.

For “Bone Flute”: Winner of the 2010 Barbara Bradley Award.

For “Snake”: Finalist for the 2012 Arts & Letters PRIME Poetry Prize.

Nominated for the Pushcart Prize by AGNI (for “The Noodle Maker’s Shop”); DMQ Review (for “The Invisible”); REAL: Regarding Arts and Letters (for “Bookshop Biblio Globus“); Little Pawtuxent Review (for “One Hundred Million-Year-Old Spider Attack Recorded in Amber”); and Codhill Press (for “Idea of Poppies,” “Mystics,” and “The Grackle’s Yellow Eye”).

Dick Shea Memorial Award for Poetry, University of New Hampshire.

Chancellor’s Scholarship for Excellence in Creative Writing, University of Massachusetts.


Nature Poetry: An International Anthology of Poems on the Natural World (Z Publishing, 2016)

If Bees Are Few: A Hive of Bee Poems (University of Minnesota Press, 2016)

IMPRIMO: The Time Anthology

The Doll Collection (Terrapin Books, 2016)

Stories of Music (Timbre Press, 2015)

Winged: New Writing on Bees (Poulin Publishing, 2014)

Journal Publications

AGNI: “Dog Adrift: Poland, January 2010,” “My People,” “The Noodle Maker’s Shop”

American Letters & Commentary: “Feathers”

The American Poetry Journal: “Bread,” “Buttonwood Park Zoo,” “Tailed” “Bad Honey”

Artful Dodge: “Visitors”

Arts & Letters: “Beautiful World,” “Snake”

Atlanta Review: “Wedding Ring”

Barnstorm: “Glowing in the Dark,” “Guardian,” “Moroshka”

Barnwood: “Paintbrush”

Bellevue Literary Review: “Martin, 1918”

Blueline: “Fingers,” “Three Secrets”

Boulevard Magazine: “Red Sweater”

caesura: “Blue Teapot”

The Café Review: “Closer,” “Elephant,” “Evelyn,” “Punishing Snows,” “Window Watching at Midnight”

Cairn: “Cut Flowers”

Cider Press Review: “All Hallows’ Eve,” “Maps”

Cimarron Review: “(the original wind has not yet)”

The Cincinnati Review: “The Globe”

Cold Mountain Review: “Binoculars,” “The Watch Repairman’s Daughter”

Columbia Poetry Review: “In Memory,” “Marina Tsvetaeva Home Museum”

The Comstock Review: “Last Night,” “Wisdom”

Connecticut Review: “Pencil”

Connotation Press: “From the Deck,” “Planet Kepler 22B,” “Sand,” “Sounding,” “Sunbeam Bread”

Constellations: “Frame,” “Gesture,” “Shape”

Contrary: “Carving,” “Holy Water,” “In a Certain Light,” “Morning Ritual,” “Postcards from a Cold Place,” “Red Giant Leap,” “The Maintenance of Public Order,” “Tools”

Copper Nickel: “Closer,” “In its Body”

Crab Creek Review: “Émigré,” “Messenger”

Cream City Review: “Eve of the Theophany,” “Ruins”

The Cumberland River Review: “Cold April,” “Small Hands”

Delmarva Review: “She Waits”

DMQ Review: “The Invisible”

Drunken Boat: “Dangerous”

Ecotone: “Animal,” “September Tomatoes,” “Street Food in Beijing”

Etchings: “Handed Down,” “Perseids”

The Evansville Review: “Statue”

Faultline: “Swimming Out”

Fourteen Hills: “The hailstones bit,” “Paradise Farms”

The Fourth River: “Blue Heart”

Frogpond: “New”

Green Mountains Review: “Siberian Cherries”

The Greensboro Review: “What Was Left”

Half Drunk Muse: “Swallow”

Hanging Loose: “Armadillo,” “Catch,” “Caw,” “Cuckoo Clock”

Harpur Palate: “Farmer’s Bees,” “Sanctuary”

Hayden’s Ferry Review: “Medicine”

Hunger Mountain: “Icons: Charo,” “Icons: Tiny Tim”

Indiana Review: “Frozen Blood”

Kestrel: “Catching Fire,” “Message”

Lake Effect: “Basket,” “The Seeded Eye”

Lilliput Review: “The Expression of Rain”

The Literary Review: “Mystery Piano Found Deep in Cape Cod Woods,“ “Long Time,” “Neon”

Little Patuxent Review: “One Hundred Million-Year-Old Spider Attack Recorded in Amber”

Make: A Chicago Literary Magazine: “Folk”

Many Mountains Moving: “Nocturnes”

Memorious: “Overtime”

Mid-American Review: “Antarctica,” “Beetle”

The Midwest Quarterly: “Idea of Poppies,” “Memory,” “One Bright Thing”

Minnetonka Review: “Amaryllis,” “Gathering,” “Repairs”

MiPOesias: “Icons: Iggy Pop on The Dinah Shore Show, “My Salt,” “The Horse’s Neck”

Modern Haiku: “The dog”

Natural Bridge: “Cut Hair,” “Regret,” “A Small Notebook,” “Observatory”

New Madrid: “Colt,” “Egg”

New Ohio Review: “Midnight Train”

New York Quarterly: “New Bedford”

Nimrod International Journal: “Edges,” “New Word,” “Rosetta,” “Vermeer’s Lacemaker”

Notre Dame Review: “Circle”

Phoebe: “Black Earth,” “Cinema / Verity”

Pilgrimage: “Wild Yeast”

Pirene’s Fountain: “Fallen”

Pleiades: “Canes”

Plume: “Albatross”

Poet Lore: “Daylight Savings Time,” “Kitchen Catechism,” “Saw”

Poetry East: “The Palmer Method”

Poetry Northwest: “Frozen Boot”

Qarrtsiluni: “Fist,” “Rubber”

Rattle: “Soap”

REAL: Regarding Arts and Letters: “At the Spice Market,” “Bookshop Biblio Globus,” “Reading Madame Bovary,” “The Wound,” “To Metacomet, King of the Wampanoags”

RHINO: “Fourth of July”

Ruminate Magazine: “Down Here,” “One Chance”

The Saint Ann’s Review: “Boat Building,” “The Visit”

Salamander: “The Only Story”

Salt Hill: “Wheat”

Shenandoah: “Wreck”

Small Spiral Notebook: “The Taxidermist’s Display Case”

So to Speak: “Breaking the Fast”

Sou’wester: “Natural Histories”

Spillway: “Daffodils,” “The Back-Up Singer”

The Southern Review: “Escape,” “Icons: Rose Marie on The Dick Van Dyke Show,” “Miniature,” “Moose,” “Proof,” “Reading Anna Karenina, “Roots,” “Shadows”

The Sow’s Ear Poetry Review: “Blake”

The Spoon River Poetry Review: “Apparition,” “Her Last Free Dive,” “Into November”

Stories of Music: “Fruit”

St. Petersburg Review: “Nimbostratus”

Tuesday; An Art Project: “Country Road”

Two Review: “Elegy,” “The True Measure”

Upstreet: “Emily’s Dress”

Vallum: “Meant To Be”

Valparaiso Poetry Review: “The Old Country,” “Genie the Imprisoned Child”

Water~Stone Review: “Bone Flute,” “Brush and Ink Herd of Horses”

Wild Apples: “Opening,” “The Way Back”