Nick Ripatrazone names Rosetta to The Millions Must-Read Poetry list: “Rosetta is a beautiful book…”

• Proof reviewed in Chronogram, the Hudson Valley’s arts and culture magazine: “This is a poetry of noticing.”

• Jason Tandon’s review in Agni Online, “The Remains of Holiness” : Borowicz’s The Bees Are Waiting “…belongs to a tradition of poetics that believes silence is as important as language.”

• Grace Cavalieri reviews Proof for the Washington Independent Review of Books.

winter-2404731_1920• Two essays — here, and here — about Karina from Contrary Magazine:  “She captures the unbearable pulse of despair and hope in the world as its people pass across it, scarcely aware.”

• Caitlin Johnson reviews Proof. 

Microreview by poet John Guzlowski from Writing the Polish Diaspora.

• Natalia Kennedy’s review in Columbia Poetry Review, “A Bowl of Caught Water” : “If Dickinson’s poems and her life express the compassionate view of a science-loving woman, then Borowicz echoes that intense and probing gaze.”

• Diana Limbach Lempel’s meditation on the poem “September Tomatoes.”

Interviews & Media

• Article in the Greenfield Recorder about latest book Rosetta

• An interview with Karina published on Mass Poetry: “For a kid coming from a more traditional place, it was mind-blowing.”

• Jim Callahan interviews Karina for The Concord Journal: “Cultivate empathy.”

• Eric Brewer’s interview with Karina in The Erie Reader: “I’m interested in the human perception of time and how it changes…”

• Jen Fitzgerald of New Books in Poetry interviews Karina: “An inventory of discovery.”

• Weekly poetry program “Out of Our Minds” interview on San Francisco Bay Area public radio station KKUP, courtesy of J.P. Dancing Bear.

Selected Poems Online

The Old Country,” featured on American Public Media’s podcast, The Slowdown.

Reading Anna Karenina,” read by Garrison Keillor on the NPR show A Writer’s Almanac.

“September Tomatoes” at The Poetry Foundation and American Life in Poetry (first printed in Ecotone).

Peter Sobol reads “Medicine” on Wisconsin Public Radio’s To the Best of our Knowledge:

“Emily’s Dress” at Mass Poetry (scroll down), first printed in Upstreet.

“Wreck” at Shenandoah.

“The Old Country” at Valparaiso Poetry Review.

“Wild Eye” at Verse Daily.

“The Noodle Maker’s Shop” at AGNI.

“Soap” at Rattle.

“Elegy for Jane” at The Scream Online

“Albatross” at Plume.

“Meant to Be” at Vallum (audio only).

“Tools” and “Carving” at Contrary.

“Bad Honey” at

“Genie the Imprisoned Child” at Valparaiso Poetry Review.

“Planet Kepler 22B” and “Sunbeam Bread” at Connotation Press.

“The Invisible” at DMQ Review.

Moroshka” at Barnstorm Review.

“Amaryllis,” “Gathering,” and “Repairs” at Minnetonka Review.

“Rubber” and “Fist” at qarrtsiluni (with audio).


“Swallow” at Half Drunk Muse.

“Overtime” at Memorious.

Reviews by Karina Borowicz Online

“Boundless Energy in Yi Lei’s Poetry” at New Pages.

Everything by Andrea Cohen at Entropy.

Translations Online

Boris Poplavsky’s “Time is a Liquid” at Drunken Boat.

Four pieces by Malcolm de Chazal at AGNI.

Image: Octopus, Schmidt Ocean Institute