Selected Poems Online

 • “Volta” at Verse Daily.


• “The Old Country,” featured on American Public Media’s podcast, The Slowdown.

• “Reading Anna Karenina,” read by Garrison Keillor on the NPR show A Writer’s Almanac.

• “September Tomatoes” at The Poetry Foundation and American Life in Poetry (first printed in Ecotone).

• Peter Sobol reads “Medicine” on Wisconsin Public Radio’s To the Best of our Knowledge:

• “Emily’s Dress” at Mass Poetry (scroll down), first printed in Upstreet.

• “Wreck” at Shenandoah.

• “The Old Country” at Valparaiso Poetry Review.

• “Wild Eye” at Verse Daily.

• “The Noodle Maker’s Shop” at AGNI.

• “Bridge Work” at One Sentence Poems.

• “Window Watching at Midnight” archived at Mass Poetry’s Poem of the Moment list.

• “Soap” at Rattle.

• “Elegy for Jane” at The Scream Online

• “Albatross” at Plume.

• “Meant to Be” at Vallum (text and audio).

• “Tools” and “Carving” at Contrary.

• “Bad Honey” at

• “Genie the Imprisoned Child” at Valparaiso Poetry Review.

• “Planet Kepler 22B” and “Sunbeam Bread” at Connotation Press.

• “The Invisible” at DMQ Review.

• “Amaryllis,” “Gathering,” and “Repairs” at Minnetonka Review.

• “Rubber” and “Fist” at qarrtsiluni (with audio).


• “Swallow” at Half Drunk Muse.

• “Overtime” at Memorious.

Reviews by Karina Borowicz Online

• “Boundless Energy in Yi Lei’s Poetry” at New Pages.

• Everything by Andrea Cohen at Entropy.

Translations Online

• Boris Poplavsky’s “Time is a Liquid” at Drunken Boat.

• Four pieces by Malcolm de Chazal at AGNI.

Selected Reviews

Nick Ripatrazone names Rosetta to The Millions Must-Read Poetry list: “Rosetta is a beautiful book…”

Rosetta weaves threads of memory, Nature, and history into intense, fearless poems… Karina Borowicz writes of a world that is both deeply damaged and exquisitely beautiful.” –Erica Goss in Sticks & Stones.

• Proof reviewed in Chronogram, the Hudson Valley’s arts and culture magazine: “This is a poetry of noticing.”

• Jason Tandon’s review in Agni Online, “The Remains of Holiness” : Borowicz’s The Bees Are Waiting “…belongs to a tradition of poetics that believes silence is as important as language.”

• Grace Cavalieri reviews Proof for the Washington Independent Review of Books.

• Two essays — here, and here — about Karina from Contrary Magazine:  “She captures the unbearable pulse of despair and hope in the world as its people pass across it, scarcely aware.”

• Caitlin Johnson reviews Proof. 

Microreview by poet John Guzlowski from Writing the Polish Diaspora.

• Natalia Kennedy’s review in Columbia Poetry Review, “A Bowl of Caught Water” : “If Dickinson’s poems and her life express the compassionate view of a science-loving woman, then Borowicz echoes that intense and probing gaze.”

• Diana Limbach Lempel’s meditation on the poem “September Tomatoes.”

Interviews & Media

• Article in the Greenfield Recorder about latest book Rosetta

• An interview with Karina published on Mass Poetry: “For a kid coming from a more traditional place, it was mind-blowing.”

• Jim Callahan interviews Karina for The Concord Journal: “Cultivate empathy.”

• Eric Brewer’s interview with Karina in The Erie Reader: “I’m interested in the human perception of time and how it changes…”

• Jen Fitzgerald of New Books in Poetry interviews Karina: “An inventory of discovery.”

• Weekly poetry program “Out of Our Minds” interview on San Francisco Bay Area public radio station KKUP, courtesy of J.P. Dancing Bear.